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Brian has been writing for children for over 10 years. He has a master's degree in Chidlren's Literature & Creative Writing from Hollins University in Virginia. He has published two children's picture books. His poems have appeared in Highlights for Children, Poetry Train and other regional publications. He served as fiction editor for the children's magazine, Kid's World.He also contributes to Richmond Children's Writers blog.
Brian lives in Chesterfield, VA with his wife Lynette and their daughter Delaney.





Catch Up With Brian:

April 28th:  Brian is a featured speaker for the SCBWI "Paths To Publication" conference in Richmond, VA


May 12th: Brian will sign books at the Chester Library in Chester, VA


June 5th: Brian will represent Tiger Tales Publishing at Book Expo America in New York




   book cover  
                                              Book Cover                                      Deductive Detective


Don't Play With Your Food!                                        With All My Heart                                  The Deductive Detective

Hardcover                                                                   Coming Fall 2012!                                    Coming Spring 2013!


Poem of the Week(ish):

Fishful Thinking

I wonder if a fish's
One and only wish is
That other fish will never say,
"This fish is sure delicious!"
Fish eating fish







It's a Major Award!

Brian also writes songs with his bandmates in the Country group, Family Reunion

Family Reunion was recently nominated as a finalist for 3 ICMA Awards:

ICMA Award Nominee Badge


               Indie Country Album of the Year: Family Album

               Song of the Year: YES

               Best Country Band: Family Reunion


You can also check out Brian's band at the Family Reunion homepage